Training: Agility

A fun, confidence building sport!

Our Agility Classes

In our intro class, we start with the basics, such as learning to go out and around an object, walking a wood plank on the ground, teaching 'two on two off', and much more. This helps strengthen your pup's muscles, raises his/her confidence and strengthens the communication between you and your pup before introducing the agility equipment. In the next levels, we introduce each piece of equipment and work on building a solid foundation in your pup's body awareness and his/her focus on you. In the advanced levels, we put obstacles together and refine skills previously learned to become competition ready.

Beginning to Advanced classes offered.

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Current Class Schedule

As of January 2017


6:00PM - Puppy Class
7:00PM - Obedience


6:00PM - Adv. K9 Nose Work®
7:00PM - Working Obedience


9:30AM - Intro to K9 Nose Work®

Please call for latest schedule & openings.

$130 Nose Work Classes (6 Week Session)
$120 All Other Classes (6 Week Session)
$50 Private (One Hour)